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Timothy Hudson (T.K.) is the proud owner of TORX Construction LLC. Born and raised in Greenville SC, he has devoted his time to build a service business with a very simple goal which is "take pride in every job, and know that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength". T.K. has worked in the industry all his life, he will take on any type of project in order to provide for his family. T.K. worked for electrical contractors both large and small, but always felt that something was missing. In 2016 he found the missing link and set out on the journey in business for his self to give better customer service, fair prices, top quality materials. His wife Brittany handles most of the behind the scene work and always supports every decision T.K. makes, His son is young just 4 but loves to go work with  "dad" as much as he can, a lot of relationships that are built with clients are close like family and many know T.K.'s family.

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